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Candle in the Night

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Minute Challenge Day 8: Who knew making oatmeal could be so difficult???

I got up this morning thrilled about my fairly clean kitchen and the fact that I was planning to spend the day outside!  I decided to make oatmeal and wanted to make it in the microwave since I grind H's before cooking and I didn't want to get to pans dirty.  I ground her serving in the Magic Bullet, added water, and stuck it in the microwave for the recommended amount of time.  When I got it out, it was a MESS!!!  It had boiled over and was all over the microwave, the cover I have over it, and the outside of the bowl.  To save as much oatmeal as possible without burning myself, I scooped what little oatmeal was left in the bowl into another bowl. Then, I pulled the microwave tray out and washed it and set the bowl in the sink to soak all the cooked oatmeal off of it.

I sat H down and went to fix my oatmeal.  Now, this is where I made my bigger mistake.  I thought H's had boiled over because it was ground so finely.  I put mine in for the recommended time thinking it would be fine since I was using the whole oats.  Not so.  When I went to get it out, I was greeted with the same mess.  No, I didn't watch it.  You don't stand there watching the oatmeal cook when you have a starving 10 month old waiting in her high chair.  So, I did the same thing.  In the end, I'd washed the microwave tray twice, the food cover twice, and had four bowls, and three spoons dirty.  Next time, I'll cook it in the pot and put hers in the Magic Bullet after it is cooked.

Other than that, I had a great day!  I went to the Home Educators St. Patrick's day picnic at the park with my mom (no, H is not starting kindergarten just yet!) and it was SO NICE!  I got to see my Bradley instructor and we had a nice talk.  H LOVED being at the park, had fun watching the geese and ducks, and fell asleep in her stroller on our walk.  She napped on the way home and woke up right before we got here.  I had time to vacuum the living room and do all the dishes before any of Brian's violin students got here.  It's been a great day!  :)

H watching the kids play

Looking at the geese with Grandma.  

 Such a happy girl!!

Lounging in the stroller.  She loves to ride with her feet up!  :)

Pooped out!!  What a busy day!  
(This was at about 2:30.  She didn't nap at all before that today!)

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