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Candle in the Night

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Minute Challenge Day 6

Well, I must confess that I failed today.  I spent way too much time on Facebook at lunch and this evening as well.  I should be in bed asleep, but am still up to write this blog.

On the bright side, I got a considerable amount done today!  I finished the laundry!  All in all, I did 9 loads and it is all folded and put away.  I cleaned out my closet.  I put clothes in bags according to categories.  "Return to Sarah", "Donate", "To Wear While Nursing, but Not Pregnant", "To Wear While Neither Nursing Nor Pregnant".  Now I have to find a place to store those bags.  I also cleared out our kitchen cabinet that we keep our glasses in.  It had kind of also become a miscellaneous cabinet and I couldn't fit some of the glasses in it anymore.  Anyway, it's neat and organized.  I caught up on a few dishes.

I also got to spend some good snuggle time with my girl this evening.  She's still not feeling well (poor baby!), but the up side is that she is very cuddly!  Tonight, at about 8:05, she'd been playing under the table at my feet (her new favorite spot) and she went and got her blanket from across the room and brought it to me and tried to climb up on my lap.  I of course scooped her up, went and changed her diaper and nursed her for a little while.  Then, I spent some time just rocking her and snuggling.  I love it when she's sweet and cuddly like that!  :)  She's so sweet!

So on tomorrow's to-do list, I have some much more enjoyable things planned!

  • Vacuum Living Room (okay, so that's not so enjoyable)
  • Make a Tutu for H (much more enjoyable...hopefully!)
  • Set up Photo Studio Equipment
  • Take Pictures!
The last two things will only happen of course if H doesn't wake up with a black eye.  She bonked it pretty good on a chair.  Figures, huh?  I've been planning for over a week to do these pictures when she's feeling better and I decided she has enough happy times during the day that when the laundry was all out of the living room, I'd go ahead and do it and she goes and bruises her eye!  :(  Oh well.  Whether it happens tomorrow or not, I'm going to do them soon!!  Can't wait forever!  She's growing up so fast and it's time for more pictures!  :)



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