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Candle in the Night

Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Minute Challenge Day 6

Well, I told you I'd write about Friday, so here it goes!  I started the morning putting together the shelves for plant stands that I borrowed from my mom and hooking up the lights I bought at Lowe's Thursday night.  Here's how it turned out.

There's just junk on the top right now, but when I clean up in there, I'll have room for actual plants that can get light from the window up there.  My seedlings have sprouted and they were actually mostly dying.  They've perked up since putting the light over them though.  I have another light to go on the bottom shelf and am planning on starting my herbs and veggies down there.

On Friday, I also put some older seeds in baggies to test for viability.  They are seeds that have been sitting in the garage for a couple years, so I'm not expecting much, but I had to test them before I threw them away.

Today, I made a HUGE dent in the laundry.  I washed, dried, and folded 4 loads, there is a load in the dryer and one in the washer right now, and I only have 4 more loads to go.  I'm still not counting H's laundry in all that.  Maybe I should, but really, I do a pretty good job keeping up with her laundry.  She only has so many outfits and then I want my favorites to be clean, so I wash them.  :)

All in all, it was a pretty good day.  I feel like I accomplished a lot and am excited that I'll have a closet and drawers full of clean clothes tomorrow!



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