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Candle in the Night

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Minute Challenge Day 7

Well, I had high aspirations for yesterday, but I had forgotten about my original plans.  :)  I didn't do anything on my list.  During the morning hours, I tried REALLY HARD to get H to take an earlier morning nap.  (We're trying to sort her nap schedule out) It didn't happen and neither did vacuuming the living room or anything else.  I basically maintained my clean house yesterday which is really a good thing for me.  So often, on busy days, my house totally falls apart!

In the afternoon, I went over to my great friend Nannette's apartment to help her pack.  H was a huge help as we put everything from the kitchen cabinets we could into boxes, trash cans, and any other containers we could find!  Then I got to drive over and see Nannette and Brett's new house.  It's beautiful!  I'm so happy for the two of them!  We unpacked all the stuff that had been in the cars and put it into its respective room.  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Brett, Nannette, and Judy.  It was a really good way to spend my afternoon.

Today, I'm going to the park!  I think I have a serious case of the spring fever and I could really care less what I get done around the house!  While I am here, I am going to open the windows and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.  Here's what the farmer's almanac says for later this month...

Mar 20-24: Snow, then sunny, warm; Mar 25-31: Showers, chilly.

Another place, it says...

24th-27th. A major storm evolves over the Southern Rockies and pushes eastward, bringing significant snows to Kansas and Missouri. Less snow farther north.
28th-31st. Clear most areas. Unseasonably cold for the Northern Plains.

Who knows if the farmer's can be trusted :) but I do know that Missouri weather cannot, so I'm going to enjoy this while I can!

Have a great day everyone!



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