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Candle in the Night

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mommy Vacation

A Vacation:
Need one?
Want one?
Crave one?
I think at one point or another, we all need a vacation.  Brian and I talked while we were planning our last vacation about how women (most anyway) love to plan.  He thinks I like to plan things more than I like doing them even.  I don't think that's true about vacations, but it might be true about parties and things.  I do love to plan!

I looked at my calendar last night and realized there is very little on it for the next two weeks.  So for the next two days, I'm going to plan like crazy!  I want a seven day "vacation" and I want it to be fun!  Unfortunately, Brian doesn't get off work and we don't really have money to travel right now, but that's okay.  I'm planning a vacation for right here.  I'm going to come up with cheap or free things that the girls and I can do together here in town.  H is old enough now that she'll appreciate a lot of things we can do.

One of the big preparations I have do do is get food and clothing ready.  I do not plan on cooking big meals or doing much laundry during my vacation.  I want to pull things out of the freezer and stick them in the oven.  Oh, and I'm going to buy paper plates.  Definitely paper plates.  :)

I'm excited about it...and that's the point!  I'll let you know what we're doing as we plan.  And if you need a "vacation", plan right along with me!  It's going to be lots of fun!!



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