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Candle in the Night

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(HOPEFULLY) My Last Couponing Trips Before Baby #2

I've been really bad lately with my couponing! I've been getting papers, but not going to the stores. Bad, bad, bad. Total waste of money. So, last week, I decided to do a Target run since I knew they had Zantac on sale (I could use two coupons)and I need Zantac on a daily basis right now. So, I rounded up all the great Target deals and went to the store! Here's what I got.  The prices are after coupons are applied.

Ritz Crackerfuls: 0.40
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce: FREE
Yoplait Original Yogurt: FREE
Tums: 0.69

Zantac: 0.59
Silver Sharpies: 2 pk 0.54 per pack
Pens: 0.02 per pack
Total with tax: $3.79

I was pretty proud of this trip!  :)  

Then, this week, I decided to make the CVS and Walgreens trip.  I needed diapers and the best diaper deal was at CVS, so I rounded up my coupons and went there.  This trip total doesn't look quite so impressive, but that's mainly because of the diapers and snack bars.  The snack bars are for the "Daddy Bag" we're taking to the hospital with us.  So, here's what today's trip brought.  Prices are after coupons and Extra Care Bucks.  I did two transactions, so I used all the ECB's and had none remaining.  Oh, and when I scanned my CVS card, it printed off $1 ECB!  

Huggies: $15.99
Fiber One Bars: $1.90
Fiber One Bars: $2.00
Milk and Cereal Bars: $2.00
Milk and Cereal Bars: $2.10
Oral B Toothbrushes: 2 for FREE
Zantac: $0.99
Crest Toothpaste: $0.25
Gillette Fusion: $1.81 Money Maker!
Carefree Liners: $0.49 each
Laffy Taffy: $0.15
Milka Chocolate Bars: 2 for FREE
Total with Tax: $25.14

Although that total doesn't look all that impressive, I'm pretty proud of this trip too.  Like I said, I needed diapers and now I have them!  And when the price of that sized box of diapers is usually about $21, I think getting ALL that for just $25 is pretty darn good!  Oh, and I got more Zantac too!!  



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