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Candle in the Night

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank You, We Have Had Enough of Your Change: Part 2

Continued from yesterday's post.  This part is shorter, and in my opinion, much better!  :)

As I listened to the words hope and change all through the campaign and then saw that there were so many people who were excited about all this hope and change, I was a little disappointed in my country.  We have already changed more than enough from what we were when the founding fathers were around.  We are no longer as free as we were then.  And all this "hope" that was being discussed just brought along with it more bondage.  Hope of free healthcare, bail-outs, and government programs equals more bondage from taxes.  And not just higher taxes for the rich, but higher taxes for those of us in the middle.  

There was also the hope that Obama would lower gas prices and create jobs.  Unfortunately, that was just a false hope.  The hope that he would solve all the problems in the economy was obviously another false hope.  

Now, our money is spent.  Our money we've borrowed from other nations is spent.  Our children's money is spent.  Our grandchildren's money is spent.  It's all gone and they just want more.  I suppose they have learned that you can't sustain the kind of change and hope they were going for with the budget they were given.  

Through this all, we conservatives had hope too.  In 2010, we flooded the voting booths and did everything we could do to put people in power to make necessary changes.  Unfortunately, we also had false hope.  Instead of the insistent change we wanted, we received compromise.  Especially on the spending front.  We didn't send our men and women out there to compromise.  We sent them there to make change.  The liberals are not compromising, why are we?  

Here is the hope.  2012.  If there is a conservative out there willing to make the changes we need, willing to stand up to the liberals and NOT compromise, ready to take on big government and beat it back to where it belongs,  they will have my vote in 2012.  



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