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Candle in the Night

Friday, July 15, 2011

26 Creative Ideas I Would Love to Try

I've been in the mood to blog today, but have been incredibly tired and unable to come up with many good ideas.  I did get a little nap and that's helped a bit.  What I've decided to do is share some of the creative ideas I have found on the internet while searching for various things.  These are things I'd like to do and hope to have time for someday.

The Right @ Home website with all kinds of great ideas!  Here are just a few that I love.
Frozen Floral Centerpieces
This is just a frozen floral centerpiece.  Put in the daisies and freeze.
So simple, yet so cute!!
This picture came with an awesome idea.
Give yourself a $10 challenge.
Take $10 and  use it to spruce up something in your house.
You could buy new pillows for your couch (as shown), paint
a piece of drab furniture, get something nice at a garage sale,
anything!  Just limit it to $10 and go!  
If I had a sunny windowsill, I'd totally be on this one!
Use an old or cracked teacup to grow a teacup garden.
Adorable and so sunshiny!  
There are lots of other neat ideas on that website, so be sure to check it out!  

The next idea comes from the Little Birdie Secrets blog.  She's got lots of great ideas and what I'd love to do with these organza flowers is dress up an ordinary dress with them.  I think they're gorgeous and so fun!  They'd look great on a homemade dress or pinned to the hip on a plain jean skirt or something like that.  They'd even look fun on a plain t-shirt!


The headband found over at Skip to my Lou is also darling!  When my girls are a little older and have sufficient hair for a headband, I'd love to make a few of these for them!

Ruffles and Roses is a blog that I really enjoy browsing.  This girl is SO creative and I love that she makes clothes without patterns.  I don't especially enjoy following patterns or sewing, so this kind of thing intrigues me.  I love that she makes all kinds of stuff without having to start from scratch.  Her t-shirt remakes are tons of fun!  Here's one I'd love to try.  
Can you believe this started out as a t-shirt??
She also does remakes of men's button down shirts.  Check this one out!
For this next project, you MUST go look at all the pictures on the blog.  It's over at I Heart My Glue Gun and you'll get so much more out of it if you can see all the pictures.  I'd love to do this with my photos down my hallway.  I think it's beautiful!  

I love these candle holders over at Two Twenty One.  They're beautiful, unique, and so cheap to make!  

Here's another one where you just have to go see all the pictures!  If I ever have a boy, this is what I would LOVE to do for his room.  SO fun!!  Check out all the pictures over at Casa de Berry.
These next few projects are all from Paisley Passions.  Her blog has tons of great ideas and I really enjoy reading it!  

Here is a project that would be super simple and so much fun for a homeschool room!  I don't think I'd do it for our dining room, but it'd be great for the kids.  A chalkboard table

Here's another chalkboard project that would be really fun and simple.  Very cute!
I am in love with this breadbox!  I had a breadbox from my sister that I was going to do this to, but I ended up giving the breadbox back to her.  I'll need a bigger kitchen before I have room on a counter for a breadbox.  I do hope to do this someday though!  

Okay, just one more from Paisley Passions, I promise.  This shelf makeover is SO cool!  You can get these shelves at virtually every garage sale you go to.  They're totally out of date and thus in great need of a makeover.  I love this project!  
Okay, I thought I could finish this blog in one day, but obviously I have WAY too many things I would love to do!  So here it is day two.  We'll see if I get the rest of them posted today or not!

I just thought this ruffle bag from Sew Chatty was so stinkin' cute!  It would be a great use for fabric or ribbon scraps and a great way to dress up an old, shabby bag or even those free totes you get everywhere!
Watch out engaged friends!  I've found a homemade gift over at One in the SAHM that you're likely to receive from me!  This "Established" plaque is beautiful!  I think it's the perfect way to mark the occasion and would look special in any home.  
Okay, with all the baby food jars I have laying around, I had to do a search for crafty things I could use them for.  I found TONS of ideas, but my favorite is from The Little Apartment.  Introducing: The magnetic baby food jar spice rack!  DARLING!  And oh, so off my counter!  
I found this project on Etsy.  I was looking for something to hold all of H's bows and headbands that I've made for her over the past year.  This is what I found!  You could order this one online, but I'm thinking I could probably make one that coordinated with H's room just as easily.  
Headband Organizer....Black and Creamy White Headband Holder....Clip your clippies on the leaves for double duty storage...holds both soft and hard headbands
This project over at Made by Bronwyn would probably take a lot more work than some of the others, but in the end, I think it would be worth it.  This pettiskirt is DARLING!  I can just imagine H (and someday M) dancing around in one!  Adorable!  
I found these next few ideas at the Midwest Living website.  I just love ideas of how to brighten things up!  
Floral and egg centerpiece
Wouldn't this be great for a spring brunch? 
 Okay, like I serve brunches.  But if I was doing a 
baby shower in the spring or even having a special 
dinner at my house, I would love to use this!  
Seasonal joy
I LOVE this door hanging!  So cute!  So vintage!
Showers and flowers
And here is another door hanging that I love! 
 This would be so easy to put together and 
would just look so unique.  
This next idea from Better Homes and Gardens is not only cute, but also very useful!  It's a bookshelf with labeled buckets for each member of the family's shoes.  Of course, it's painted up so cheery and cute, it's hard to resist!  I don't know that it would work in this house since we really don't have a lot of space by our front door, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind for the future.  
Storage, shelf, bucket, label, organize, declutter
At some point, I really want to order this pattern and use it to make, not a coupon organizer like it's designed for, but the envelope system!  We use Dave Ramsey's system and the envelopes I keep in my wallet are constantly getting torn up and stuck in the zipper.  Can't wait to try this instead!  
PDF SEWING PATTERN - Coupon / Expense Organizer
I love these cute hanging baskets that I found on the Better Homes and Gardens site.  I'd probably just do two (one for me and one for Brian) since we're the ones with keys, wallets, and other miscellaneous items, but I think even two hanging by the door would be cute!  

Entry Organizer
I love how there is already a J and a B! 
 Like they're just for us!
This last idea, also from Better Homes and Gardens would be more of a big project than a crafty thing.  I really like it anyway though.  We bought a Select Comfort bed and don't have a headboard for it.  This would be my dream headboard!  
bed with shelves behind it

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about the crafty side of me trying to come out.  Now, if only I had the time...

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At July 15, 2011 at 1:32 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

That headboard would be so easy to make! Well, so easy for Sean to make, not me. :) I love the shoe idea!


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