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Candle in the Night

Friday, October 28, 2011


I posted a few days ago about needing a vacation.  Well, I've got it all planned and I'm super excited!  Everything I'm doing is free except for the zoo.  I've been putting off going to the zoo until I knew H was old enough to appreciate it and I think that time has come.  So here's our schedule (weather permitting!)  We're starting tomorrow!

Saturday: City Market, Mafia night with B's friends
Sunday: No special activity (our Sundays are already booked full!)
Monday: Zoo, Monday Night Football party
Tuesday: Pumpkin Patch
Wednesday: Burr Oaks
Thursday: Bass Pro
Friday: Cave Springs

I planned these activities earlier in the week and now (of course) they're predicting rain for Wednesday and Thursday.  We'll just go with the flow.  If there really is a rainy day, we might just stay home and watch a movie.  Bass Pro and Burr Oaks can both be enjoyed even if the weather is bad.

So these activities are what makes it a vacation for H (M obviously doesn't care!).  For me, here are the things that make it a vacation.

Pre-made breakfasts:  I made a HUGE batch of pancakes the other day and stuck them in the freezer.  All I have to do is pull a couple out, stick them in the toaster, and we've got breakfast!  I'm also going to make some muffins to have on hand.

Easy Lunches:  I'm either going to warm up leftovers for lunch or have a sandwich.

Freezer Dinners:  We have enough food in the freezer to last us the week.  No cooking on MY vacation!

Pre-made Snacks:  I'm making granola bars today!  Check out the recipe on my sister's blog!

Paper Plates:  I bought a big thing of paper plates at Walmart and plan to use them all week.  That way, the only dishes I have to do are utensils and glasses.

Time with Friends:  Yeah...this doesn't happen nearly often enough!  Can't wait!  :)

Break from Housework:  I'm skipping the dusting, vacuuming, wood-floor cleaning, and bathroom cleaning next week.  I'm going to get it all nice and clean today and then give myself a week off.  (Unless it REALLY needs it!)

Break from Laundry:  HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get enough laundry done today to last us through the week.  If not, I'll only have to do one load next week.  No more.

If any of you with little ones would like to join us on our staycation adventures, let me know!  I don't really want to post times on here for the whole world to know when my house will be empty, but I'd love to have friends join us, so just shoot me an email and I'll send you approximate times.  Everything is approximate with a baby!  :)

Burr Oak Woods
Burr Oaks

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