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Candle in the Night

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My "Make or Break"

You know how you have that one thing that can make or break your whole day?  Every time it happens, you have a good day?  Or every time it happens you have a lousy day?  Well, I've figured out my "make or break" for my day in regards to keeping with a schedule and getting things done.  Unfortunately, it's not something I really enjoy.  It's going to bed with the dishes clean.

If I wake up in the morning with a dish drainer full of clean dishes, I can get them put away and get on with making breakfast without any problems!

If I wake up in the morning with a sink full of dirty dishes, it's a totally different story.  I can't make breakfast until they're done.  Then, at lunch time, I can't wash the dishes until I empty the drainer, but often, they're not dry so I just pile them on top of the breakfast dishes.  (This might be different for you if you have a large kitchen, but I have VERY limited counter space, so having clean dishes lying all over the counter is not an option.  Oh, and I absolutely refuse to dry dishes by hand unless it is an absolute emergency.  Why waste my precious time on something the air will do just fine by itself?)  Anyway, then, when dinnertime rolls around, I really can't wash the dinner dishes until the breakfast and lunch dishes are put away.  Often, I've been so discouraged about the lack of clean dishes that I just don't do them.  Then, I have to wash dishes before I start dinner so I have the counter space to cook.  I hate doing this!

After dinner, It often happens that my dish drainer is full of wet, clean dishes, and my sink is full of dirty dishes.  I'm so exhausted and tired of thinking about dishes that I just go to bed.

And it doesn't just effect the kitchen either.  Really, having a messy kitchen messes with my mind and I get very little done the rest of the day.  That is why dishes are my "Make or Break".  Now that I have this figured out, I hope that I can use it to my advantage and NO MATTER WHAT, get those dishes done each night!!

What is your "Make or Break"?



At May 25, 2011 at 3:10 PM , Blogger Sariah said...

Love this! What a great view on it - I think I'm gonna have to start having a clean kitchen after dinner every night too - I can so see how that makes and breaks the entire day! I know my make and break during the week is Laundry! If I don't get 1-2 loads a done EACH DAY - by day 7, I have 8-10 loads waiting, a unhappy hubby w/ no undies, a kid with no PJ's, and dirty sheets. Then I get all of them done but never get around to folding all 10 loads in one day so they get piled up for the next day to fold but with toddler and such, it gets pushed back and before I know it, I am at another day 7, having 10 more loads and still a load or 2 to fold. So 1-2 loads a day keeps me sane and my bed and laundry room clear of clean, unfolded clothes :-)


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