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Candle in the Night

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabulous Fall Fridays #8: Fall Deals

I'm a big fan of change in the house.  I LOVE moving furniture around.  I enjoy re-decorating.  I'd change paint colors every year if I had the chance.  Unfortunately, all this is either really hard work, non-feasible, or expensive.  So I change little things.  This week, I took advantage of the fall deals going on at JoAnn.  All their fall inspirations line was 60% off.  I've had my eye on some of these things since they first came out, but refused to pay full price.  This past week, I got them super cheap!

My piano looked great last Friday.  This week, my fall leaf garland has gone crumbly and I'm ready for something new.  The sparkle pumpkins will find a new place along with the popcorn candles and the fall leaf frame.  My new color scheme was inspired by this Give Thanks mantle.  I'm saving "Thanksgiving" stuff until November, but I loved the simple brown and white.  I'm adding a tad bit of green as well since I found some things at JoAnn that I really liked!  I'll be adding a few more things later, but here's how it looks now!

I love incorporating music into my decorating.  This is one of my favorite hymns and is especially appropriate for this time of year.  Seeing it there every time I walk by keeps me humming it all day.  :)

 H saw this little guy and said, "Is that a cute porcupine??"  She loves it!!  My favorite is this owl.  There were only four left and my JoAnn store and I bought two of them.  :)

I just love finding great deals on things I love!!  And I'm so glad all this decor will be good for use for years to come!

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At October 19, 2013 at 11:35 AM , Blogger Diane said...

TOO CUTE!! And I will definitely be stealing the hymn idea!


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