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Candle in the Night

Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Savings!

I went to the All About Kids consignment sale and had HUGE success!  I kept finding things that I've been wanting and needing for way less than I expected to pay for them.  When I got to the register, I realized I hadn't kept a running total in my head and therefore had no idea what the cost was going to be.  Well, it was definitely more than I'd planned on spending, but it was totally worth it!  And to prove it to myself, I'm looking up original prices of items and comparing them to what I paid. goes!

Floppy Seat Cart Cover
Amazon Price: $29.95
My Price: $8

Sony Baby Monitor
Amazon Price: $35.95
My Price: $2

Reli On Humidifier
Amazon Price (Not the same one, but close): $29.95
My Price: $4

Little People Farm (H's Christmas Present!)
Amazon Price: $38.88
My Price: $5

Safety First Door Knob Covers
Amazon Price (for 4 pack...mine only has 3): $5.49
My Price: $1

Safety First Wide Grip Latches
Amazon Price: $2.69
My Price: $1

Vtech Learn and Discover Driver (E's Christmas Present!)
Amazon Price: $15.96
My Price: $3

Sassy Stroller Activity Bar (Not exactly like this one, but similar)(M's Christmas Present!)
Amazon Price: $22.84
My Price: $5

Vtech Spin and Learn Top (H's Christmas Present)
Amazon Price: $17.95
My Price: $3

Lamaze Elephant (M's Christmas Present)
Amazon Price: $8
My Price: $1.50

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly
Amazon Price: $12.40
My Price: $1.50

Ideal School Supply Company Abacus (H saw this and started saying, "beads!" So, this is also for H for Christmas.)
Amazon Price: $14.32 (This one is no longer available, but here is one similar.  Learning Resources Ten-Row Abacus)
My Price: $3

Sassy Feeding Bowl Set With Lids and SUCTION BASE!!! (Where have you been all my life???)
Amazon Price: $14.99
My Price: $1.50

Garanimals Wooden Block Set (Not on Amazon) (We already have some of these and H loves them!!  Can't hurt to add more to the stash!)
Price Found Here: $12.18
My Price: $2

Old Navy Hat and Mittens (Similar to the ones pictured)
Old Navy Price: $8
My Price: $3

So after all that, how much exactly did I save?  Well, if I'd bought it all new, I would have had a grand total of 
My actual grand total was should have been $44.50.  
OH NO!!!  I PAID $$65!!!
Coming Soon...the results of me going back to the sale with my receipt and the baby monitor they charged me $20 for (instead of $2).  Please say a prayer that they trust me and I get my money back!!!

Oh, and my advice, always, ALWAYS keep a running total of what you're going to owe.  

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