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Candle in the Night

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fabulous Fall Fridays #2: Acorn and Leaf Frame

Today's Fabulous Fall Friday inspiration can be found here.  I love the simplicity of this project, but as usual, I can't do things as simple as they really are.  :)  I had to jazz it up a bit!  So here it is!

Acorn and Leaf Fall Frame

Supply List:

Picture frame
Acorns "lids"
Brown fabric or paper (not pictured)
Paper ribbon (optional)
Mini sunflowers (optional)
Craft glue (I tried a new kind of glue...still deciding if hot glue would have been better)
Other accessories if you want (I had raffia and twine available, but didn't end up using them)

Step 1:  Take apart your picture frame
I had an old family picture in mine...weren't we cute??  When I turned it over, I saw this...

Then opened it and found this!  Wow...I like to re-use frames, don't I!

Anyway, I'm not planning to use the glass, so I took that out as well.  Then, I covered this ugly, brown cardboard that's been in there since 1996 with brown fabric.  I didn't take a picture while I was doing it, but basically, I cut the fabric a little bigger than the cardboard, folded over the edges, and glued.  Simple!

Step 2: Take your acorn lids, and glue them around the edge of the frame.  
My frame was small enough to only do one row, so that's what I did.  This glue seems pretty great.  I wanted something that would stick well to the plastic frame and this seems to do the trick.  It takes longer than I like...I'm a hot-glue girl...but I think it'll hold better in the long run.  (I hope so anyway!) As you're gluing, be sure to leave plenty of space for the bow and the flowers.
My acorn lids.  I actually pulled these out of the freezer!!
I forgot that I had them there from last year's fall decorating!
Putting the glue around the rim of the acorn lid.
THE ULTIMATE!  It does seem to stick pretty well!

Step 3. Attach flowers to bottom corner of frame.  
No picture for this mainly because I had to hold them on until they were somewhat dry.  They kept wanting to pop off.  Again...that's why I'm a hot-glue girl.

Step 4: Make a paper ribbon bow and attach to top corner of the frame.
Cut a length of paper ribbon (size will vary depending on the size of your frame.)  This is the size I used.  Then cut it in half.

Make sure to have some snacks to munch on!  Semi-sweet chocolate chips left over from this morning's chocolate chip scones.  Yum!

Fold the paper ribbon edges to the middle and glue down.

Pinch middle together and then tie with another small piece of paper ribbon.  Attach to frame.

Step 5: Glue leaf and twig to the middle of your fabric-covered cardboard.  
This was the easiest thing ever!  :)  Super simple!

This is what it looked like before the glue dried.  The glue is white and you have to wait for it to dry...

And here it is all dried and pretty!
Actually, you can see some of the glue STILL isn't completely dry.  But everything is stuck on nicely!  :)
So what about you?  How are you decorating for fall?  I'd love it if you'd leave me a link below and share!

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