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Candle in the Night

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

31 Days to Christmas Day 5: The Star

If there was any question in Mary or Joseph’s mind at the time of Jesus’ birth, the new star blazing in the sky would have sealed it.  This was their Messiah.  But I don’t think the star was for Mary or Joseph’s benefit.  The star was there to lead others to the Christ child. And just like the star led the wise men, we need to seek diligently the true light of Jesus and let it lead us to Him.

Below are the words to a hymn that I really love.  I pray that this Christmas, “like the wise men, we are led in the still night unto Christ.” 

Silvery Star
Silvery star, 
Precious star, 
Shining over Bethlehem 
Guiding Wise Men from afar, 
In the still night leading them. 

Starlight and song 
All the night long, 
Heralds of morn, 
Jesus is born

Beautiful song,
Wondrous song 
Kneeling shepherds wept to hear, 
Chanted by God’s holy throng, 
Singing peace and joy and cheer.  

Baby Savior, born at night 
In the ages long ago, 
Angels sang and stars gave light 
For thy humble home below.

Lo, we hear the song o’erhead! 
Lo, we see the star arise! 
Like the Wise Men we are led 
In the still night unto Christ.

The song in the video below is one of my favorites.  What if, like the wise men, we left everything with a fervent desire to find Jesus.  Just to get a glimpse of Him and offer Him our gifts.  If only we all had such desire.  As you watch the video, it's easy to focus on the wise men's story, but try to also think about your life.  How has God led you to true wisdom?  

Candle in the Night



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