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Candle in the Night

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Potty Training Journey: Detour

Well, today was day 3 and the Potty Train has De-railed.  I'm done for now.  Here are the reasons.

  1. With this method, it's important to watch your child constantly and race them to the potty chair so they finish the potty on the chair.  This didn't happen once.  Not once.  When you have a nursling, it's just nearly impossible to set them down, grab the kid, and make it to the potty chair before all the pee is already out.  
  2. I'm exhausted from following H around while carrying M.  Tired.
  3. I think that if we continued potty training for a few more days, she'd be done.  Totally trained.  Unfortunately, this isn't possible.  We have church tomorrow and I'm not putting her in panties and having her pee all over the pew.  
I'll probably have her wear panties while we're at home, but not while we're out and not all the time.  I am excited with the progress she's made.  She is able to hold it for a long time (this morning was 4 1/2 hours) and knows where she's supposed to be, it's just a matter of making it.  So we'll keep you updated, but that's my report on 3 day potty training.  Don't do it unless you have more than three days and have the ability to give your child the CONSTANT attention that this method requires.  

Sorry if I sound pooped (excuse my pun!), but I am.  Just wanted to give you all an update.  



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