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Candle in the Night

Monday, April 30, 2012

Little H is TWO!!

Okay, so it's been FOREVER since I last posted, but here I am!  H turns two this week and we had her birthday party today.  She had SO much fun and I just had to get on and share the pictures with you.  We had a blast creating a crayon-themed party for her.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Waiting with Aunt S while everyone got there.  We all wanted to see her reaction at the same time.  

Heading down the hall with Cousin E.

Checking out the ceiling.   
She was a little overwhelmed at first.  

Food table.  

Rainbow Popsicles!  Found here, but the freezing times weren't long enough,  so mine weren't quite as rainbow-like.  

H checking out the goods!

Cake made by my wonderful sister!

"Red, red strawberries, in the bowl you go.
Orange and pink peaches (we had to use oranges!)  put them in a row.
Yellow bananas taste so sweet!
Rainbow salad is my favorite treat to eat!
Green, green kiwi fruit, put them in the bowl.
Blue, blue, blueberries, the smallest fruit of all.
Purple grapes taste so sweet,
Rainbow salad is my favorite treat to eat!"
(This is from one of H's signing time DVD's that she loves!)

Rainbow Jello!  Found it here.  Used dixie cups for smaller serving size.  Too cute!

H enjoying her Popsicle.  

I think E would have eaten ALL the fruit if we'd let him!  

H was a bit bothered by the balloons tied to her chair at first...

...but she got used to it!  :)

Finding presents!  

E was very helpful.  :)

The first thing she opened was sidewalk chalk and she really wanted to open and play with it.  Unfortunately, it was raining and there were quite a few more things to be opened!

A bear knitted by Aunt Shell!  So soft and squishy!  

Oh boy!  A pool from Grandma and Grandpa H!

Hugs for Grandpa H!

Hugs for Grandma H!  Yes, that is her diaper sticking out.  It's her birthday diaper.  It happens to have birthday cakes on it.  :)

I love this series of pictures.  Just watch her reaction!

Daddy told her it was Veggie Tales movies.  

She was SOOO excited!!

It's a hit!

More presents.  

Hugs for Uncle A...

...and Aunt A.

What could this be?  

A chair!!  She was super excited about this.  We found it at a garage sale and she loved it and was pretty upset when I folded it up and made her stop playing with it.  She didn't realize I was buying it for her!  :)

Cute face!

E had fun!  I think he's looking forward to his next birthday!

Hugs for Mommy!  Okay, so this was a forced picture. She gave me a QUICK hug and then tried to pull away, but I held her in for the picture.  

Hugs for Daddy!

What could this be??  (Her poor little nose wouldn't quit dripping.)

One for E...

...and two for H!  :)

Uncle M thinking, "You'd better get this on doesn't happen often!"

E decided our kitchen floor needed some work.  

Woah, what could be under this blanket?

A SLIDE!!!  

Over and over and over and over...


"I'm TWO!!"  Yes, this is how she holds her fingers for "two".  :)

E enjoying the slide.  

Lighting the candles.   
H checking out the cake!

She was pretty thrilled with us all singing to her!  

Trying to blow.  :)

She needed a little help. 

And out they go!

Coolest.  Cake.  Ever.  

My sister is incredibly talented!  

H was a bit excited!

Oh hey, you have cake too?

Awesome decorations!  :)

Me and one of my girls.  :)

Me and both my girls!  I have to brag just a bit.  I made H's dress, my skirt, and hair bows  for all three of us the week before the party.  I was pretty happy with how it all turned out.  :)  The dress pattern can be found here.  

Decoration idea I found on Pinterest.

My have rainbow colored flowers in them!  

More fun Pinterest-inspired decor.  

If you're planning a rainbow-themed birthday party, be sure to visit my Pinterest board.  I pinned TONS of cute ideas!