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Candle in the Night

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recent Wedding Photography

Lately, I've been doing lots of photography!  It seems like I went from almost none to tons all at once!!  Which is great...if I could just get caught up with the editing.  My computer seems to be bogged down by the number of photos it is storing, so working on them is slower than ever!  So...I thought I'd just share a few of the pictures I've been working on since it could be a while before I get them all up on my website.

These first few are from David and Mariah's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful reception!  Very soon, I'll have more of their pictures up!

These next photos are from my brother-in-law Andrew and my new sister-in-law Amanda's wedding.  What a blessed day that was!  It was so nice spending time with family and friends up in Maysville and marrying Andrew off!  :)  

As you can see, Andrew is a bit of a goof (and he fits right in to Amanda's family)!  For those of you who know Andrew and Amanda, I'm sure you've seen they have more silly pictures than serious ones.  That made shooting their wedding even more enjoyable!  

The last wedding I shot this season was Kenna and Jonnie's.  It was so fun to shoot for many reasons.  First, it was absolutely beautiful!  It was candlelit which gave it a beautiful touch and the black and red colors made it so elegant.  It was also special to me because their ceremony was the same place my parents got married.  I've grown up looking at their wedding pictures and it was neat to be able to shoot a wedding at the same location.  



At November 4, 2010 at 4:59 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

Beautiful! The last wedding looked stunning! I loved how you did the bridesmaid picture.


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